Christmas Shopping Ideas

Christmas Shopping Ideas

‘Tis the season! With the holidays approaching, I thought it might be a good idea to give (and receive!) a few gift suggestions. If you’re only here to see how you can win some spending money, you might as well skip to the end of the list. If any product interests you, simply click the title and it will take you straight to Amazon. In case you hadn’t noticed, I really like Amazon.

For full disclosure, the links I’ve added below are affiliate links, so if you purchase something after clicking my link, I’ll receive a small commission. There is no extra cost to you, though. It just helps me out!

Anyway, here are a few finance and/or productivity suggestions:

Rich Dad Poor Dad for Christmas

Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

Rich Dad Poor Dad is designed to teach readers what the rich do to become wealthy that their less affluent neighbors do not. Kiyosaki uses stories from his life, and compares how his father (an academic that attended Stanford, Northwestern, and the University of Chicago) and his best friend’s father (an eighth grade dropout and the man Kiyosaki calls his “rich dad”) viewed money. He explains that although his educated poor dad was able to earn a pretty decent income, they continuously struggled to get by, while his uneducated “rich dad” ended up becoming one of the wealthiest businessmen in Hawaii. Rich Dad Poor Dad doesn’t include a lot of financial jargon, which makes it an interesting and easy read. Definitely worth a read.

Kindle Fire for Christmas

Amazon’s Kindle Fire (or any other Kindle)

I received a Kindle as a gift last year, and it has since become part of my daily life. If you’re a reader, or know somebody who is, Kindles are a great bargain (right now, they’re selling for $33!) and have almost become a necessity. Amazon’s bookstore already has a pretty large number of free books to download, but adding Kindle Unlimited is another great option to consider. For a fixed cost (or free trial), you can borrow unlimited books from Amazon’s huge library. Even if you aren’t a huge reader, Kindles offer essentially all of the features that other tablets have for a fraction of the price. They’re perfect for kids, too, especially if you don’t think that your 4-year-old needs a $300 iPad. Amazon also has several different versions of the Kindle, so look around their site to find which one will work best for you. Overall, Kindles are a great, and inexpensive, option for anyone in the family.


Echo for ChristmasEcho Dot for Christmas

Amazon’s Echo and Echo Dot

While I don’t personally own one of these, I’ve had a few chances to experiment with my parents’. They’re so useful that after playing with one, my dad bought another six so he could have one in every room! Seems a bit excessive, but hey, whatever floats his boat, I guess. Basically, the Echo and Echo Dot serve as the computers that futuristic movies have, where someone will simply say “Computer, what’s the weather in Seattle?” and then a magical voice responds with the answer. Both devices can search the web, do your shopping, answer your questions, help you create a list, and so much more. The difference between the two devices are that the Dot has a less powerful speaker, and therefore means that it costs significantly less – worth the savings in my opinion. If you’ve ever remembered something in the shower that you didn’t want to forget, or if you don’t feel like standing up to turn off the lights, the Amazon Echo is for you.


Aqua Notes for Christmas

Aqua Notes

For a more affordable “I remembered in the shower” option than the Echo, there are also Aqua Notes. Some of my best thinking is done in the shower. Unfortunately, most of my ideas follow the water down the drain once I’m finished. Aqua Notes are a great way to prevent that frustration.


BlueHost Website Hosting

Start a blog on BlueHost. This one is obviously a little bit of a different type of gift, however it is quite useful. I understand that this seems strange, but there are multiple benefits to starting your own blog. First of all, it gives you a way to write about things that interest you. Writing a blog will help you get your own opinions written down, as well as helping you to find others who share the same interests. I’ve actually spoken with multiple complete strangers because of Financial Fanny Pack. Second, you can use it to keep a record of some aspect of your life. For example, J. Money from Budgets are Sexy shares his net worth over time and records them in his blog posts. Or, if that doesn’t interest you, Michelle from Making Sense of Cents reveals her blog income each month to both motivate others and track how she’s doing (spoiler: she made almost $100k in October alone!). Regardless of your interests, starting a blog is helpful in bettering yourself, as well as a lot of fun!


In case you haven’t noticed, I’m a big fan of Amazon and their products. Some of these options might not interest you (Sorry L). I’m a nerd, so I completely understand. I would, however, like to hear some of the things you might be interested in.

This post really isn’t about me and what I like. Honestly, I’d like to see what’s on YOUR Christmas list this year, and I think that other readers might benefit, too. So, please, comment with what gifts you’re asking Santa for this Christmas.

For both gifts and gift ideas, it’s the season of giving!

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    1. That would be awesome. A vlog for traveling would be cool to see, so let me know when you get it started! It seems like a GoPro would be a necessity for something like that. Good suggestion, thanks Jodi!

  1. Since I don’t NEED anything for Christmas, other than a puppy, I guess I could use some free weights or other exercising equipment. I enjoy working out and would like to get more stuff to do it at home.

    1. A puppy definitely sounds like a need, rather than a want. Being able to work out at home would be convenient. Saving time and money (on gas, a gym membership, etc) is a smart idea. Thanks, Marissa!

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