My Favorite Finance Sites

As much as I would like to provide you with all of the answers to every question you could possibly have about personal finance, I know that’s not possible. Therefore, I’ve created this list of a few of my favorite sites!

They may not all focus specifically on personal finance, but they all deal with finances in some way. Each site on this list is well written, thorough, and very informational. A very large portion of what I know was derived from articles I’ve found by reading the works of other very knowledgeable people.

Clicking the images for each site will take you to their homepage. In my opinion, it’s definitely worth checking them all out. This list is only the tip of the iceberg and I plan to continuously update it, so be sure to keep checking back.

Without further ado, here’s a few of my favorites!

Mr. Money Mustache (the author and creator’s pen name) and his wife, Mrs. Money Mustache, both retired from their careers at the ripe old age of 30. While they don’t live a life of luxury, MMM describes his fulfilling life with unlimited time to do as he and his family please. He explains that his blog was built out of frustration.  Frustration that while he and his wife retired, many of his friends still were, in his words, “…broke, constantly complaining about how hard middle-class life is…”

Through this, Mr. Money Mustache was born.

If you’re interested in following a frugal lifestyle in order to obtain financial freedom, this blog is the way to go. MMM provides inspirational stories, strategies and anecdotes that serve as a strong reminder that there are more important things in life than money. For a brief overview and history of the site, check out THIS brief article. The badassity provided through this financial blog will surely help you to better understand what financial freedom can mean to you.

This site, which consists of blog posts, forums, and many other resources, has become one of my all-time favorites. While there is a personal finance section, their main focus is real estate investing. A wealth of knowledge is provided by hundreds of contributors with the aim to increase your, well, wealth through real estate investing.

If you know nothing about real estate, that’s fine, there is plenty of beginner information. Actually, the creators of the site wrote an ebook that you can read for free HERE or you can download for free from the Kindle store HERE. Their book makes it investing basics easy to understand and is definitely worth the read.

If you (think) you know everything about real estate, that’s also fine because they have a great community that will allow you to build connections and share wisdom with others. Their forums provide the opportunity for beginners and amateurs to collaborate.

Regardless of your experience in real estate and personal finance, Biggerpockets is a place where everyone can learn and grow.

                As of now, the header for Biggerpockets says “Invest in Yourself.” I wrote my article, “Invest In Yourself First”based on a lot of the lessons I’ve learned from Biggerpockets and other wonderful resources, although the title of my article and their header are simply a coincidence.

Paula Pant has created this blog to chronicle both her personal finance experiences in real estate, AirBnb, and several other topics, along with providing useful tips and strategies to pursue financial freedom. Her ability to escape the typical 9 to 5 job has allowed her to travel the world and do as she pleases. She is able to work as much, or as little, as she would like while still being able to pay her bills.

She explains her life up to this point, including extremely interesting and transparent information about some aspects of her own finances, and how she has been able to work when and how she pleases. For example, she often posts about her financial situation in regards to her real estate investments, like in THIS article. I, along with most of her 30,000+ subscribers, find these to be a great resource and motivation.

If you’re interested in pursuing financial freedom and the benefits it can offer, check out Afford Anything. Ms. Pant serves as an inspiration, as well as a teacher, in achieving financial goals. Plus, she’s pretty blunt and open about everything, which is a big bonus in my book.

Investopedia is THE premier site for investing information. It’s basically like the Wikipedia for investments. Literally everything you could possibly be curious about can be found somewhere on the site. There are also constant updates and new articles posted all the time for most major economic and finance related topics. If you’re ever bored and want to see some news about money, Investopedia is the place to go.

Another feature offered by Investopedia is their stock simulation that allows you to basically play the stock market like you would in reality. To be completely honest, I haven’t taken the time to play it yet, but I’ve heard good things. Check it out if you’ve ever been curious about how you’d fare if you played the markets yourself.

The major downside to Investopedia is that it can sometimes be a bit difficult to understand if you don’t have much of a finance background. Beginner and advanced terminology are sometimes intermingled which can make it sometimes be a bit confusing. However, if there’s something you can’t find anywhere else, it’s likely that Investopedia will have it. Bit of a tradeoff, but Investopedia is definitely a good reference to have.




What are your favorite finance sites? Comment below and share the knowledge!

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